In order to have a quality product that is different from the others, we have decided to bring out every type of native grape we have, producing its purities. In our 5 hectares we have Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and Cabernet Franc, the only blend that does not belong to the territory. The harvest is done exclusively by hand, with careful selection of the grapes.




Graziano, the youngest of the three Vitali brothers, has dedicated and is dedicating his entire life to these vineyards, to every single vine, to the cellar. Body and soul, days and sometimes nights, with patience and a lot of passion. The care of the vineyard is fully managed by Graziano, from pruning to binding, leaf removal and harvest, up to the cellar where the transformation process takes place.

Raniero, Raniero, the one who founded this family businnes, also made these lands his life. Lover of the olive tree and extra virgin olive oil. The best olive tree pruner I have ever met.

Franco, the eldest of the brothers, the most patient man of all, the shoulder, the help, the mediator. Always present, he takes care of the house and our pets.



Orazio, with his companions, our mascot, from which our most complex wine, the "Cigno Nero", took its name. Friendly and vain, excellent guard and wonderful company.

Pippo, our faithful friend, who accompanies us everywhere, always giving us a hand, for the grape harvest, the olive harvest, the pruning, always ready to go out and run around.

Farmhouse, the latest changes date back to 1400 AD. Still remained as it was 100 years ago. The uncles came to live there in the 60s, while I was born there. Grew up with my grandmother, between the vegetable garden, the chicken coop and the endless fields. I think that's why I chose to stay.


Instead, this is me, Eleonora, nice of the Vitali brothers, born and raised among these vineyards and these fields, in love with the house and this life.

Linked to a reality that is now difficult to defend.

I am trying to carry on this way of life, to introduce these people who have truly dedicated their whole life to the earth and its fruits.

Here we are all four,

Graziano, Franco, Eleonora and Raniero

I want to give importance to names and roles because after all, it is people who make the difference.

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